Nightly Specials

nightly specials inclue salad bar,
and choice of potato, unless otherwise noted
available after 5:00pm

  1. Tuesday: Broasted Chicken & Shrimp
    $ 11.95
    broasted chicken and 6 lightly breaded fried fantail shrimp (all white meat $12.95)
  2. Wednesday: Hobo Platter
    $ 10.50
    two beef patties topped with hash browns mixed with sautéed onions, mushrooms, green peppers, mozzarella/cheddar cheese and texas toast on the side
  3. Thursday: Ham Steak
    $ 9.50
    20 oz Grilled ham steak
  4. Friday: Shrimp and Cod
    $ 12.25
    six lightly breaded fried fantail shrimp and 6 oz baked or broasted cod
  5. Saturday: Prime Rib or Country Style Ribs
    $ 18.75
    Prime Rib King $18.75 Prime Rib Queen $16.75 Country Style Ribs $9.95 Prime Rib, lightlly seasoned and slow roasted USDA Choice beef Country Style Ribs, pork ribs smothered with bbq sauce